Introduction to Google Analytics Audits — CXL Conversion Optimization Minidegree Review

There are many reasons to run a Google Analytics audit. You may want to audit your analytics implementation, look for opportunities for improvement or set the stage for an SEO campaign or website redesign.

Whatever the reason is, the audit process can provide valuable insights into how your website is performing.

A Google Analytics audit is one of the most critical parts of any conversion optimization program.

Google Analytics is used by more than half of all the websites on the internet, and it’s an essential tool for you as a business owner.

Here below are some suggestions on how to audit your website’s analytics.

You need to perform many different types of audits as part of a Google Analytics audit.

One of these is to compare your current backend data with GA data and check that the tracking code on your website is implemented correctly.

Several types of audits need to be done for your GA Analytics data, but there is only one type of audits that I know: an audit of your backends.

It is necessary to check immediately whether Google Analytics already exists on your customer’s website, whether it fires correctly and which version of Google Analytics is used.

Your domain is used. If it is not seen, agree to the pop-up and make sure that the visit is included in Google Analytics.

You can use this method to check for changes to your website’s tracking code, such as changes in the number of visits to the site or the duration of the session.

Install the Google Tag Assistant browser extension to record sessions of your Google Analytics tracking calls.

By working with an expert who has experienced Google Analytics audits and subsequent bug fixes, you can ensure that your data and reports are always accurate from the start.

But one thing can always happen and can cause you and your customers a lot of problems.

To help you, we have compiled a checklist for Google Analytics that will keep you up to date with introducing new features.

Using this method can also help to improve your organization’s confidence in web analytics data and inform planning to improve and maintain a high level of data quality.

Then we will explain how to set up your Google Analytics dashboard and conduct a basic audit of your Google Analytics to see if your accounts are on an equal footing.

Performing checks, performing a Google Analytics audit, and assessing the state of the analytics are all mandatory recurring tasks that every marketer should do.

This article focuses mainly on performing a Google Analytics audit, but the basic process also applies to other analytics tools.

The main reason for an audit is to verify the quality of the web data collected in Google Analytics.

To ensure that Enhanced E-Commerce works in your Google Analytics account, you want to ensure that your sales and conversion targets don’t appear as bad as they are in Google Analytics.

Is there a chance that you do not measure the AdWords clicks in your Google Analytics account correctly?

A great tool that can help you is the Google Analytics Debugger, which is essentially a Chrome extension that lets you view the data from your Google Analytics account in a different way.

This tool shows you what your tracking calls look like when you send them to Google Analytics and what your data looks like when you process them for reports.

Create a set of custom reports from Google Analytics that you can import into the properties you want to check to help you perform your audit faster.

Now that we are making sure everything is set up correctly for our Google Analytics audit, we must look at our reports.

As you will notice, we need to do the first of our Google Analytics setup checks before doing our first Google Statistics setup check.

In Google Analytics, each step in the target hopper is a step on your website that you need to take to reach your Google Analytics goal.

Check the name of your target to make sure it is identical to everyone who uses Google Analytics in your company.

If the same GA tracking code is on a page twice or more times, visitors are counted twice, inflating the number of sessions and page views for your domain.

Testing your Google Analytics implementation will help you resolve the most common data problems that most Google Analytics implementations suffer from.

Transaction IDs are collected multiple times in Google Analytics, which means that sales revenues in Google Analytics are inflated.

All incoming URLs for your advertising and marketing initiatives are marked with analysis tools.


Google Analytics is a fantastic tool but also a source of great confusion.

Many people use it without understanding exactly what’s going on under the hood. What are tags? How do users flow through the site? Which pageviews belong to which sessions?

Auditing is a great way to overcome website tracking and measurement problems.

Whether you already use Google Analytics or you’re thinking of adding it to your website, there’s nothing more frustrating than a poorly executed setup — especially if you don’t have a clue how to get started.

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I help people plan, design, and build customer journeys that convert.

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Christopher Mc Neil

Christopher Mc Neil

I help people plan, design, and build customer journeys that convert.

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